The same brand but even better.
Welcome to June Homes, formerly Residenz.
Redefining city living
Residenz offers flexible, fully furnished, private rooms in the best locations that you'll be proud to call home. 30-days minimum stay, hotel style services, and no hidden fees or headaches.
Our principles:
Moving into a new home should be as easy as booking a hotel through your smartphone
Flexible lease
No more being stuck with your lease for a year, ours is month-to-month with a 30-day minimum stay.
Fully furnished
Hassle-free moving. We'll provide everything you need from a bed and desk to linen and shower essentials.
Elegant, fully furnished housing for as little as $1,300 a month. No kidney selling required!
Roomie bliss
All tenants are extensively screened to ensure a safe environment - you will actually enjoy sharing a home
Always included in the price
Residenz provides truly shocking value for money
Everyone needs a little me-time, especially at night – or whenever you like to sleep. Each member gets their own private sanctuary that can be completely closed-off from prying eyes.
Communal Areas
Shared spaces include a co-working space and study sanctuary, a dining area and lounge with comfortable sofas and armchairs where you can binge watch your series together, read a book from our library or spend some time enjoying that home cooking Dan's always talking about. Expect to find at least 1000 sq. ft. (93 m2) of communal space for every 5 rooms.
Chef's kitchen
Our decked-out kitchen has space enough for everyone to prepare their own favorite meal – or carefully dump their take-out onto china – and comes complete with stainless steel appliances, tableware, essentials (olive oil, salt, pepper, etc.) and a trusty dishwasher.
Outdoor spaces
Call us old-fashioned but we're suckers for fresh air, especially if that fresh air comes in the form of a well-maintained outdoor terrace or garden. Smoking is permitted but please light the BBQ while you're at it and grill us a steak.
Safety first
Our houses are on quiet residential streets in cool areas within 5 minutes walk to the nearest subway, and surrounded by safe havens such as Starbucks, Wholefoods, Pinkberries and LuLuLemons.
5 star hotel style
All the convenience of sleeping in a hotel such as Weekly cleaning, high-speed Wi-Fi, Netflix, HBO, Showtime and Aesop shower essentials, with none of the drawbacks such as strangers, having to tip staff and doll-sized vodka.
And much more…
Free Sunday brunch
Netflix ('n Chill optional)
Mini Library and book exchange
Amazon Echo in each room
New Gen X-box
Weekly Cleaning
Free AESOP essentials
Free coffee, tea and water
Check out our portfolio of beautiful properties, you will be proud to call home
Ready to move in tomorrow – or next Wednesday perhaps?
Let's talk
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Residenz is a chain of furnished, flexible and convenient private rooms in high-end buildings with great location ™